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The business is prosperous, and the spirit is strong enough. On January 27, Chongqing Zhonggrun Chemical Co., Ltd. held a warm year-end summary and commendation meeting. The main contents of the meeting were the work summary in 2020, the work plan in 2021 and the commendation of the collectives and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company in the past year.

01 Review summary

The heads of all departments of the Company reviewed and summarized the work in 2020. In 2020, Zhongrun Chemical will successfully enter the trial production stage from the construction stage, and all departments will cooperate with each other to achieve a successful first time start-up. In terms of sales, we actively developed the sales market. In just three months, the company was able to keep its doors open and its products were in short supply. At the same time, we completed the establishment and normal operation of the sales system, laying a solid foundation for providing customers with quality services; In terms of production, complete the commissioning of production equipment and produce high-quality NMP products; In terms of management, complete the staffing of each department, formulate relevant management systems, organize and improve the management system, and make the company's management scientific and standardized.


02 Leaders' speech

Mr. Ding Longqi, Chairman of Zhongrunda Group, and Mr. Lv Yucheng, General Manager of Zhongrunda Chemical attended the meeting and delivered speeches. They thanked all the staff for their hard work over the past year, and fully affirmed their achievements. The company's professional influence is increasingly prominent. The company's prosperity cannot be separated from the dedication of all the staff and the strong support of friends from all walks of life. At the same time, the leaders also deployed the company's development goals. Zhongrun Chemical will focus on the business policy and strategic planning of Zhongrunda Group, implement the separation of production and marketing, and rapidly develop international and domestic trade.


Chairman's speech


General Manager Speech

03 Commend outstanding

The leaders of the company announced the list of excellent teams, managers and employees in 2020, and awarded them honorary certificates and bonuses. Representatives of outstanding employees and managers also spoke on the stage, telling about their growth and harvest in work, which fully reflects the spirit of Zhongrun employees' dedication and dedication.


Excellent team


Excellent management personnel


Excellent employees


Special contribution team

04 Lucky Draw

Time sequence changes and dreams move forward. The past year has been a year of hard work and fruitful results. The company has developed rapidly and steadily. In order to mobilize the atmosphere and wish more wonderful achievements in the coming year, at the end of the commendation meeting, the company launched an inspiring lottery to make everyone happy, and at the same time called on all employees to continue to work hard and dedicate, work solidly, keep pace with the times, blaze new trails, and create a lucky chapter belonging to themselves, the company, and the times.


Lucky Award Winner

Latest News


The Second Publicity of Environmental Impact Assessment of Chongqing Zhonggrun Chemical Co., Ltd. NMP Energy Saving Reconstruction Project (Draft for Comments)

According to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Environmental Impact Assessment Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations on the Administration of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects and the requirements of the Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment,


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According to the Interim Measures for Environmental Protection Acceptance upon Completion of Construction Projects, the Monitoring Report on Environmental Protection Acceptance upon Completion of Chongqing Zhonggrun Chemical Co., Ltd. Organic Solvent NMP Production and Recycling (Phase I) is hereby publicized.


Chongqing Zhongrun Chemical Co., Ltd. Publicity of environmental protection information

Chongqing Zhongrun Chemical Co., Ltd. Publicity of environmental protection information


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