Establish excellent corporate culture and cultivate core competitiveness



Nowadays, people's understanding of corporate culture or core competitiveness has different interpretations in different historical periods. Only through hard practice can the construction of corporate culture form a strong corporate cultural awareness, a new management concept, as well as the core values of the enterprise, the concept of talent, the concept of science and technology, safety management, etc. These are the brilliant stars that together form the corporate culture.

Building an excellent corporate culture and cultivating core competitiveness is an endless systematic project. It requires not only visionary designers, but also the active participation and universal recognition of the staff. In other words, only through the test of practice can we ensure that various elements of its corporate culture can be penetrated and establish an excellent corporate culture project.

Comrade Deng Xiaoping once clearly pointed out: "To sum up history, we should not focus on personal merits and demerits, but on opening up the future. Past successes are our wealth, and past mistakes are our wealth." These incisive assertions, glittering with the light of historical materialism, are the basic principles and positions that every enterprise must adhere to when summing up history. This is true of a country and a nation; This is true of an enterprise, a family, and even a person. It is the conclusion that the enterprise itself is responsible for the history, present and future to correctly summarize the history, safely grasp the present and actively open up the future.

With the saturation of the market, the increasing homogeneity of products and the comparability of services, the competition has been forced to a higher cultural level. The internationalization of competition makes the establishment of enterprise culture urgent and the only way for new entrepreneurs. Enterprise culture is the management thought, management theory, management mode, group consciousness, and the corresponding thinking mode and behavior norm formed in the process of long-term production, operation, reform and development. It is also a set of behavior modes advocated by the enterprise leadership and jointly abided by cultural tradition and continuous innovation. It is embodied in the core values, business philosophy and behavior norms of the enterprise, Penetrate into the core of various fields of the enterprise. "Advanced scientific and technological level", "refined management", "high-quality employees", "talent strategy", "technological progress" and so on, which have been valued and talked about by entrepreneurs. However, in practice, we have come to realize that owning these elements alone cannot guarantee the sound and rapid development of enterprises. Because advanced science and technology may fall behind, and proud high-tech will also be eliminated. Fine management requires cultural recognition and complete implementation, and high-quality talents will flow. Therefore, to establish an enterprise culture with its own characteristics and cultivate core competitiveness, that is, to overcome the difficulties and shortcomings of the enterprise with excellent enterprise culture, so that the comprehensive advantages of the enterprise itself can play a positive role. This is because: excellent enterprise culture can not only improve the efficiency of the enterprise, determine the values of employees, but also be the source and power of enterprise vitality.

At present, our company is in the stage of construction and development. We need to further understand the situation, inspire our spirit, clarify our goals, meet challenges and enhance our responsibilities, implement measures, practice our internal skills, and move forward in the face of difficulties, so as to speed up the full completion and operation of the company's projects. This is of great significance for ensuring the company to develop new energy construction and achieve leapfrog development and steady development. The long-term development of an enterprise is bound to accumulate rich rules and regulations and management experience for itself. The essence of enterprise culture is "human culture". People are the most active factor in productivity, and people are the foundation of an enterprise. To build an enterprise culture, we must take improving the quality of people as the basis, focus on people, so as to achieve cohesion, establish common ideals, standardize actions, and form good habits, The purpose of shaping image and expanding social popularity. At the same time, while focusing on "human culture", the enterprise itself should also promote team spirit, enhance team cohesion, effectively play the role of team, revise and improve the enterprise philosophy, strengthen the discipline and restraint mechanism, and make the rules and regulations of the enterprise become the common behavior of leaders and employees.

In any enterprise culture, people are always the most important capital of the enterprise. This is because the central subject of enterprise operation and management is "people". This is just like in the army, how can commanders combine a group of soldiers to form a tangible and intangible combat force with long-term military goals and ideals, so that they can play a strong fighting force and form an invincible core force of the army. The same is true of enterprises, because "people" is not only the starting point, but also the ultimate goal. How to combine employees and define the long-term ideal and target system of operation and management from them can gather great power to guide the healthy development of enterprises. Only scientific management methods and high-quality employees can truly achieve the refined management of enterprises. This management method has three aspects: the first is process, that is, the formulation of any system must reflect a process. What should be done first and then should be clearly explained and specified. In this process, the superior leader should give clear instructions to the department head, and then the department head should make specific arrangements for deployment and implementation. The implementer and the responsible person should carry out work and report work according to the instructions of the department head, The work shall be arranged, carried out and reported level by level, and the work shall be strictly prohibited from being arranged, carried out and reported beyond the level, so as to ensure the coordinated operation and effective cooperation of all departments, improve the sense of obedience and work efficiency, and standardize the management with the system. The system itself shall not be allowed to have defects. The second is to be clear, that is, all systems must be concise, concise and easy to understand. The work of which department is implemented should be completed by which department, and the work that can be completed by one department should be implemented by one department, with the cooperation of relevant departments. For a task, if it is not specified who is responsible and who should be responsible for which link, this is often an important reason why the task is not implemented and no one does it. When the responsibility is decomposed to specific units and individuals, the responsibility will become a clear pressure and motivation, prompting units and individuals to consciously perform their job responsibilities. The third is to be operable. All the rules and regulations of the enterprise should be operable and practical in combination with their own reality. That is, the company revised and improved various rules and regulations, compiled them and sent them to departments, workshops, teams or individuals, and through various forms of training and learning, let employees understand the system, implement the system, and comply with the system. This work emphasizes delicacy, strengthens execution, is strict in management and operation, pursues work quality and efficiency, and improves corporate image, brand value and staff quality.

Welch, the most successful entrepreneur in the 20th century, pointed out: "If you want to make the train 10 kilometers faster, you only need to increase the accelerator; if you want to double the speed, you must replace the rail. Asset restructuring may improve the productivity of the company for a while. Only cultural changes can maintain the development of high productivity." The construction of enterprise culture must have a common goal and a common vision; The construction of corporate culture can not be separated from publicity, which requires the introduction of corporate identity system (CIS); Enterprise culture must have its own characteristics in the construction, and the power source of enterprise culture comes from innovation. As the entrepreneur pointed out, if a racing car wants to move forward quickly and never stop, it must meet the requirements of wide road, long vision, tight steering wheel, so that the racing car will not deviate from the track, the wheels on both sides of the racing car should be synchronized and coordinated, and the fuel supply should be smooth, timely and lasting. Only when the above key points are met, can the car move smoothly and quickly on the right track and reach its destination in time and accurately.

Therefore, the corporate culture that the company is trying to build is the extension and development of the above entrepreneur management theory. It is manifested as an inherited culture based on the development process of the enterprise, a forward-looking culture that supports the development strategy of the enterprise, a pragmatic culture that improves the overall performance of the enterprise, and a unique culture that reflects the charm of the enterprise personality.

Therefore, while establishing the corporate culture, we must inspire our spirit, strengthen the sense of overall situation, responsibility and development, attach great importance to and earnestly do a good job in safety management, strengthen the main responsibility of safety production, consolidate and improve the management system, and ensure the safe completion and operation. We should also focus on the company's economic benefits, use unconventional thinking and powerful measures to improve the quality of economic operation, accelerate the company's long-term steady development and form new growth points as soon as possible.

Therefore, we should adhere to the spirit of innovation and vigorously develop the corporate culture system, highlight the corporate spirit of strengthening the construction of corporate culture, and promote the combination of modern business philosophy, advanced technology and advanced management. Only in this way can we integrate, build and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote the healthy, steady and leapfrog development of enterprises. It not only sets out from the reality of establishing a modern, scientific and technological enterprise development, stresses scientific management methods and management methods, vigorously cultivates the enterprise spirit, shapes the enterprise image, optimizes the internal and external environment of the enterprise, and strives to create an enterprise culture with its own characteristics. At the same time, it is also the power and guarantee for the rapid development and rise of the enterprise itself.

(Company Office Lv Shuai)

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