We abide by laws and regulations, strictly implement business principles and code of conduct, actively fulfill social responsibilities, focus on cutting-edge technologies of new energy and new materials, continue to invest, abide by correct innovation, excellent practice, and serve social development and progress.


We have insight into the future needs of customers, and continue to expand the innovation growth point in the form of independent development, industry-university-research cooperation, mergers and integration, etc., and constantly develop and provide new products and services.

Establish a market-oriented technological innovation mechanism and an incentive mechanism for the transformation of achievements, build an efficient research and development system, and form a new situation of innovation and opening up.

SAFETY & Eco-friendly & Honesty


We abide by the compliance operation, abide by the national and regional laws, regulations and policies, improve the company's system and process, improve the level of enterprise management, and ensure the company's safe, sustainable and green development.


We practice the clean corporate culture of zero tolerance for corruption and fraud, build a sound supervision system, and build a clean and honest system of "do not want to be corrupt", "dare not be corrupt", and "cannot be corrupt".


We insist on using more environmentally friendly raw materials, using cleaner processes, using more energy-efficient equipment, and providing competitive high-quality green products.



We abide by the principle of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment" to ensure the safe operation of the whole life cycle of hazardous chemicals such as production, operation, use, transportation, storage, disposal and disposal.

Occupational Health

We adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of safety development, regard employees as the company's valuable wealth, provide employees with a safe and comfortable working environment, and continue to promote environmental health and safety improvement.



Public Charity

While promoting social development through production and business activities, we also actively participate in social welfare undertakings, and focus on the development of youth education, carry out public welfare activities in universities and local communities across the country, strive to give back to the society, and contribute to social harmony and progress.